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100% UV protection

Polarized Cycling Sunglasses


Original price was: $30.40.Current price is: $22.80.

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Buy 1, Get 1 Free
100% UV protection

Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

Original price was: $30.40.Current price is: $22.80.

FREE 4-Day Delivery
If you order within 2 hours 0 mins
Arrives by Monday, May 27


Revolutionize Your Vision with DALWA Polarized Sunglasses

Experience unparalleled clarity and protection with DALWA’s advanced polarized sunglasses. Engineered for those who demand both style and substance, our sunglasses are a fusion of cutting-edge technology and sleek design.



Exceptional Material Quality: Lightweight and Resilient

Our sunglasses boast the revolutionary TR90 memory frame material, known for its incredible flexibility and impact resistance. This ensures that your DALWA sunglasses can withstand the rigors of active lifestyles while maintaining a feather-light presence on your face.

Advanced Polarized TAC Lenses: Ultimate Eye Protection

Featuring a multi-layered TAC lens structure, our sunglasses provide 99% UV400 protection, shielding your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The 7-layer composition includes a polaroid layer, adhesive layers for longevity, UV absorption layers, and shatterproof protection, offering both durability and superior eye safety.

HD Polarized Vision: Clarity Like Never Before

The DALWA HD polarized lenses are meticulously crafted to eliminate glare and diffuse scattered light, rendering a crystal-clear and natural view. Whether you’re driving, fishing, or engaging in water sports, these lenses ensure a soft, glare-free landscape, enhancing your outdoor experiences.

Adaptable to All Conditions: Day and Night

Our unique photochromic polarized lenses adapt seamlessly to varying light conditions. In low light or at night, they become transparent and light in color to improve visibility while reducing glare. In bright daylight, they effectively filter intense light, reducing eye strain and providing optimal comfort for any outdoor activity.


  • Item Type: Sports Sunglasses
  • Lens Material: TAC
  • Frame Material: TR90
  • UV Protection Level: UV400
  • Suitable for: Sun protection, fishing, outdoor activities, cycling, fashion wear, driving, shows, parties
  • Style: Sporty
  • Lens Color Options: Silver, Brown, Red, Black, Blue, Green


Package Includes:

  • 1 x DALWA Sport Polarized Sunglasses

42 reviews for Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

  1. Max Byrne

    I absolutely adore these sunglasses! Initially, I bought them for my vacation, but they quickly became my favorites. I find myself using them all the time. They provide awesome and incredibly clear vision.

  2. Cameron Willis

    They are slightly oversized for my face, but I really appreciate the way they display true colors without causing any discomfort to my eyes. They exceeded my expectations for their price.

  3. Bobby Turner

    These glasses are a first for me. I opted for the model with yellow 06 lenses for driving in cloudy weather. To be honest, I didn’t anticipate such an impressive effect. After trying them out for about an hour in cloudy conditions, I was amazed. These glasses make everything brighter and more contrasted, and they don’t strain your eyes. They’re also excellent for fishermen in overcast conditions. I highly recommend getting a pair.

  4. Kate Hussain

    According to the description, the lenses are good and beautiful…

  5. Ewan Clark

    They are not only beautiful but also of top-notch quality. I appreciate the seller’s quick delivery and well-thought packaging.

  6. Matthew Walsh

    At first glance, I thought these glasses with blue lenses were cool, but after wearing them, I wasn’t as fond of the frame. However, since I bought two pairs, I decided to put the blue lenses on the black frame. It would have been interesting if they weren’t polarized because, when riding my motorcycle, I can only see the cellphone screen if I lower the visor.

  7. Kayden Rose

    I find them both beautiful and comfortable, whether I’m fishing or driving my car.

  8. Glenn Armstrong

    I purchased these as a gift for my husband, and he refuses to take them off. He even urged me to buy more because he finds them so fantastic. I highly recommend them.

  9. Ellie Richardson

    They arrived exactly as described, and I have no complaints.

  10. Samantha Cunningham

    My boyfriend loves them. He had lost his previous pair, and these are the perfect replacements.

  11. Kit Alford

    I’ve been on the hunt for good polarized sunglasses, and these are incredible. They offer superior quality, and I’d put them up against major brands any day.

  12. Brett Wilder

    These glasses fit perfectly, and the curved lenses provide excellent sun protection. Bravo!

  13. Skylar Byrne

    I’ve already ordered four pairs of sunglasses, and all of them match the descriptions and look like the pictures. The quality of the lenses is good, and the packaging is nice. It would have been great if they were available in different sizes.

  14. Morgan Richardson

    To be honest, I didn’t expect much, but I was pleasantly surprised by the product. The sunglasses’ quality is very good, the design is appealing, and they were delivered without any issues.

  15. Bennie Mills

    This is a great product that lived up to its promises. The combination of lenses works really well.

  16. Ashley Price

    From ordering to receiving the product, everything went perfectly. I will definitely order from this site again in the future.

  17. Emerson Palmer

    These glasses are great for the price. I use them for work, and not only do they protect my eyes from UV rays while driving, but they also keep dust and small sand and grit out of my eyes. I bought two for myself and one for my coworker.

  18. Aurora Hutchinson

    I’ve tried several sunglasses, but none of them had this level of quality. They fit my big head, and they don’t let light in from the sides, so I don’t get headaches while using them.

  19. Hannah May

    My husband always struggles to find sunglasses that are comfortable and fit his larger face. These fit him perfectly and are incredibly comfortable. He loves them!

  20. Gabby George

    These sunglasses block the sun quite effectively, are comfortable, and reasonably priced.

  21. Ray Harvey

    I really like these glasses; they are comfortable to wear. I got a second pair after the first one got scratched because, at this price, I don’t mind if they get lost or damaged.

  22. Cory Clark

    They provide a clear view and aren’t too dark compared to my previous sunglasses. They help me stay alert during long drives. They are a bit too large for the glasses compartment in my car, but that’s a minor issue.

  23. Danny Cunningham

    The frames are lightweight and sturdy, not easy to break.

  24. Gracie Hopkins

    This is the third pair we’ve purchased in the past three years. My husband has a wider face, and he loves them. The quality is great for the price, and they are not too expensive.

  25. Tia Owen

    I bought these for my boyfriend. I didn’t want to spend a lot because he tends to lose them. Surprisingly, he loves this pair the most, and it’s the cheapest one he has never lost.

  26. Ali Elliott

    I always wear Oakley, but I wanted a more affordable pair for outdoor work, and these do the job. I bought them for canoe camping last summer and have been wearing them since.

  27. Aidan Williamson

    After my cataract surgery 3.5 weeks ago, my eyes were very sensitive to the sun. I used to go outside and squint even with regular sunglasses. What a difference! No more squinting with these. They are comfortable, lightweight, and completely block out the sun, even from the sides. I would recommend these to anyone with light-sensitive eyes.

  28. Chloe May

    If you expect high-end sunglasses at a budget price, these may not be it. However, for the price, these are great sunglasses for everyday use that get the job done without breaking the bank. I bought them for my husband, and he liked them enough to ask me to order another pair for him.

  29. Charlie Cooke

    I bought them for playing golf, and I love them. The price was just right.

  30. Louie Shaw

    I have a wide head and was apprehensive about ordering sunglasses without trying them on, but these fit me well. The optics are good, and at this price, I won’t feel too bad if I scratch or lose them.

  31. Rosie Roberts

    My husband and I compared these sunglasses with the ones we were using, and these significantly reduce eye strain and glare. They are very comfortable and lightweight. I will buy again because my husband is always losing his.

  32. Gabe Jones

    They are comfortable and fit well. I’m not a fan of the way things look through the lenses without the blue light, but for the price, it’s acceptable. I use these for outdoor activities like cycling and keep my Ray-Bans for driving.

  33. Erin Hoffman

    A little too dark for my taste. Best to use on really bright days, while boating, or driving.

  34. Lane Carter

    These glasses are perfect for my cycling. They fit me perfectly without any adjustments needed.

  35. Riley Porter

    As soon as I got these polarized sunglasses, I went cycling wearing them. I absolutely love them!!! They fit my face perfectly.

  36. Leslie Rogers

    I find these glasses to be very stylish and comfortable to wear. They do a good job of blocking out the sun. They are exactly what I would expect from a local big box store.

  37. Anonymous

    These glasses are quite lightweight and fit my face very well. The arms are grippy, and they look and feel great.

  38. Mell Henderson

    These are very comfortable and work well for me during my drives, which are often in full sun! I would definitely recommend these.

  39. Mason King

    I use these for walking and driving. Someone mentioned they are windproof, but I found they are about 90% windproof. A slight breeze gets in along the bottom, but it’s minimal.

  40. Rory Burton

    So far, they seem very good, especially considering the price I paid. I can’t complain.

  41. Angel Wallace

    These are great, my dad loves them.

  42. Robin Hunt

    They are comfortable and lightweight, and the polarized lenses are nice. My mom liked them so much that she ordered the same ones.

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